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Let's talk of graves and worms and epitaphs.



An Epitaph A Day - November 6

Keeps Death's Spectre Away

Epitaph on a Dog
Irongate Stairs, Tower, London

"In Memory of Egypt, a favourite Dog,
which belonged to the Irongate Watermen.
He was killed on the 4th August, 1841.
Aged 16 years."

"Here lies interred, beneath this spot,
A faithful dog who should not be forgot:
Full 15 years he watched here with care,
Contented with hard bed, and harder fare.
Around the Tower he daily used to roam,
In search of bits so savory, or a bone.
A military pet he was, and in the Docks
His rounds he always went at 12 o'clock, —
Supplied with cash, which held between his jaws,—
The reason's plain, — he hail no hands but paws —
He'd trot over Tower Hill to a favorite shop,
There eat his meal, and down his money drop.
To club he went on each successive night, —
Where dressed in jacket gay he took his pipe;
With spectacles on nose he played his tricks,
And paw'd the paper, not the politics:
Going his usual round, near traitors' gate,
Infirm and almost blind he met his fate.
By ruthless kick hurled from the wharf, below
The stones o'er which the gentle Thames do flow, —
Mortally injured, soon resigned his breath,
Thus left his friends who here record his death.
Alas, poor Egypt!"


Notes and Queries. London: Oxford University Press, 1859.


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