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Let's talk of graves and worms and epitaphs.



An Epitaph A Day - November 1

Keeps Death's Spectre Away


Buried within the Gray-Friars Churchyard; and other
Churches and Burial-Places within the City of Edinburgh
and Suburbs


To the most pious memory of Mr. Michael Young,
most famous doctor of medicine; of Mr. Robert Young,
most faithful preacher of the gospel ; of whom, this dyed
in the moneth of January 1677, and that in the moneth
of October 1675; and to the memory of their most beloved sister,
Mary Young, who exchanged life with death, in February 1679.
Thomas Kinkaid, chirurgeon
and apothecarie at Edinburgh, surviving husband to the
said Mary, caused this monument to be erected.

At length here lyes the said Thomas Kinkaid of Auchinreoch, who exercised chirurgery and phannacie in this city, for the space of 45 years, with equal success and skill. Good was he in his life, prudent and honest in his actions, ingenuous and without guile in his words, whence lie lived most acceptable to all good men, and purchast wealth, renown, honour, and friends ; and having left seven children of one wife, with fifteen grandchildren. He dyed much lamented, 13 February, the year of our LORD 1691, and of his age 72.

Chirurgeon skilful, pastour faithful too,
Famous physician, loving wife as due,
Are all here met, as in a common grave ;
When neither art nor learning could them save,
Nor piety nor modesty prevaile,
Them to rescue, when death did them assail.
All offices of life they serv'd so well,
Their fame fills earth, their souls in heaven dwell.


Monteith, Robert. Collection of Epitaphs and Monumental Inscriptions: Chiefly in Scotland. Glasgow: D. Macvean, 1834.


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