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The Last Word - John D. Davies

Many friends of Mr. John D. Davies of the Times-Herald, Chicago, deeply regret his sudden death, which took place October 15th, 1895, by being struck unawares by a train at South Evanston.

Mr. Davies was born in Wales about 1865. He came to America when about seven years old with his parents and settled at Shawnee, O. Working in the mines until 22 years of age, he then took a course of education at Lebanon College.

Afterward he taught school for a year in South Dakota; thence Coming to Chicago five years ago, he was engaged with the City Prees Association one year and then became a reporter on the staff of the Times-Herald.

His parents being dead, Mr. Davies and his two sisters lived together in their home in Chicago. Funeral services were held Oct. 16th in the main rotunda of the Grand Central Station prior to the removal of the body for burial to Shawnee, O. Rev. John C. Jones of the C. M. church, conducted the services, assisted by Rev. John Wynne Jones, of the Episcopal church.

The Choral Club of the Cambrian Society sang several selections, among them being "O Fryniau Caersalem," with the tune Crug-y-Bar. The Second Regiment band, present, in honor of the deceased, also played some appropriate pieces, among them being Ellis Brooks' "Dust to Dust."

The remains were taken for burial to Shawnee, where interment took place amidst general manifestations of deep grief and sorrow on the part of his early friends and acquaintances. Mг. Davies was a young gentleman of many excellent qualities of mind and heart, and was highly esteemed by all who knew him.


The Cambrian. Utica, New York: T. J. Griffiths. 1896.


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