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Last Word Wednesday - John D. Adams

John D. Adams
Nira, Iowa


Dear Mr. A. I. Root:

I have sad, sad news to write. My dear good husband, John D. Adams, was drowned Aug. 21, 1892 while trying to save our hired man's life. They were both drowned. We all know he died trying to do his duty; but, oh it is so hard to give him up!

It was such a shock on us. If he had been sick, and I could have stood by his bedside, knowing that he must go, it surely wouldn't have been so hard. Mr. Root, no one knows what it is to part with a dear good companion until the trial comes. Just a few weeks ago our home was lively and cheerful, but now it is sad and lonesome. Oh how we miss him!

I beg an interest in the prayers of the beekeepers that I may ever do my duty in raising my fatherless children. He loved his bees so dearly we can not bear to part with them, so we, intend to keep them, and do our best with them. Oh so many responsibilities I have to shoulder! Pray for me.

Nira, Iowa.

[Most certainly will we remember to pray for - you; and while doing so we can rejoice that yours is a faith that goes beyond this world. Just at this time, when floods are likely to occur with the breaking-up of the ice and the melting of the snow, it behooves us to be careful about taking risks in water. Many a person has been drowned, when he evidently scarcely thought of being in danger. Dear friend, you may rejoice in the thought that our good brother died In the effort to save the life of a fellow-man.] A. I. R.


Gleanings in Bee Culture, A Journal Devoted to Bees, Honey, and Home Interests. Medina, Ohio: A. I. Root Co., 1893.


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